Automate manual processes

Automate mundane daily tasks with role-based controls. Save Time, Save Money and Improve Productivity!

With defined workflows, faster processes and role-based access, manage freight procurement to settlement through a single window. Integrate your systems and let them talk to each other. With minimal manual intervention, your workforce can actually work on things that need working.

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Maximize savings, visibility and efficiency

Reduce annual freight spend by up to 20%. Easily manage contracted and spot carriers and get best freight rates even during market fluctuations.

With end-to-end visibility and predictive alerts on delays, know What, When and Where of your entire supply chain. With data to support inventory optimization, warehouses and fleets can be used to maximum potential. Up your game in this Uber-competitive world and make your fleet visible when available.

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Improve serviceability and compliance

With complete digitalization, SLA adherence is as easy as it can get. End-to-end visibility with macro and micro-level data for accurate decision-making.

Maximize efficiency and ensure scalability by reducing turnaround time. Quickly respond to changes in customer demands, follow efficient routes, be proactive and ensure seamless on-time deliveries.

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Performance up, costs down

Proactively manage and boost cost savings. Powerful reporting tools and Key performance indicators help track the system’s efficiency and improve current operations.

Improve OTIF Compliance, minimize dwell times and eliminate operational inefficiencies with wait-time calculators. Reduce buffer stock without jeopardizing production/sales. Decrease logistics costs and optimize labor planning with real-time visibility.

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We help you follow the rule of TIME IS MONEY and become a “Shipper/4PL of choice”.

Indent management

Increase in resource utilization through advanced planning and scheduling

Reverse Bidding

Access rates from our marketplace and compare them alongside your current network.

Digital Documentation

Simplify your bookkeeping with digital documentation : Waybills, e-PODs and Invoices, signatures and timestamps

Fleet management

Advanced fleet management to ensure optimal fleet usage and complete visibility

Combinational tracking

GPS + App based tracking ensures end-to-end visibility for the shipment lifecycle

Contract management

Store and manage rate contracts to ensure all compliances are in place

Super features

We were carriers first and that’s why we understand the pain. Easy API integrations and simple UI leads to faster implementations giving you a great value for money.

Accounting Module

Eliminate paper and build digital workflows that initiate freight invoicing automatically and in real-time.

Quick Implementation

With an average implementation time of 6 weeks, SmarTruck can be implemented quickly.

Whatsapp integration

Communicate instantly with drivers, units and delivery points via WhatsApp through a single window.

Interactive Dashboards

Navigate, strengthen planning and reduce dwell times by proactively managing lanes and in-transit shipments.

Real-Time Tracking

Real-time ETAs and deviation alerts allows you to identify delays and take quick remedial actions

Customizable Reports

Access real-time usable data that delivers insights to on-time performance, incidentals, facility ratings, and more

Frequently asked questions

How much time does it take to implement the system in my company?

SmarTruck is a cloud-based SaaS solution. There is no additional equipment installation or setup at a location. Complete implementation for all your stakeholders can be done remotely within 6-12 weeks. Customer support is available 24/7 to assist you with any issues.

How can I get complete visibility for my shipments/fleet?

SmarTruck has been built based on actual market experience. We understand that one solution doesn’t fit all. That’s why we have integrated SIM-based tracking (For India), App-based tracking and vehicle GPS integration. This way, All shipments can be tracked with precise information.

Do you have Geo-fencing?

Yes. Our Sophisticated algorithms and integrations help us implement geofencing seamlessly across all shipments.

I have different rate contracts with my carriers. Can SmarTruck help me manage contracts better?

Yes. The rates can be added for each of your carriers separately. We support every kind of rate possible for freight billing. Carriers are grouped with respect to lanes or routes of service. With defined lane-based carrier contracts, ensure butter-smooth load indenting.

I have a fixed set of locations for transport. Do I have to select the location everytime I place an order?

No. SmarTruck has a function called favourite locations. These locations can be bulk uploaded with relevant details. Once added, searching for the location is as easy as typing 3 letters on the keyboard. Alternatively, re-book previous orders within 15 seconds!.

How can I manage multiple carriers and lanes through SmarTruck?

Manage unlimited carriers and lanes for your Organization. SmarTruck sorts the carriers based on the lanes they serve. This way, only the carriers which serve these lanes will be shown for faster indents.

How can SmarTruck help me get the best rates for my shipments?

SmarTruck enables your freight cost reduction through reverse bidding. All you have to do is place an order, set a bid amount and selected carriers quote the best price for your load requirements.

I don’t want anyone else to know about my shipments, rates or contracts with other carriers. How is data security prioritized at SmarTruck?

At SmarTruck, data privacy is a top priority. The rates and contract details are shown only to the authorised user on the shipper’s end. This data is not shared with anyone else on the platform. In fact, we don’t have access to any of your data. All our data is TLS encryption protected. Moreover, SmarTruck will become GDPR compliant by 2021.

What is the type of investment required to implement the platform?

SmarTruck is a cloud-based SaaS platform. Special equipment/installation is not required for implementation. We work on a pay-as-you go model.

About Us

Instavans is a Bangalore, India based Logistics tech company focused on the development of SaaS products for the Road Trucking industry. Instavans has built and rolled out SmarTruck, a cloud based TMS with a marketplace. The company’s innovative product involves working with Large Shippers and 4PLs (Fourth Party Logistics Service Providers) to synergistically bring their carriers on board. SmarTruck focuses on providing real value to Enterprises by offering their Carriers both an app and web based TMS completely FREE. This ensures zero reluctance and rapid implementation.


Vinay Goyal, CEO & Founder, drives the strategic direction and execution at SmarTruck. Previously, he ran a Pan-India 4PL company for over 25+ years. He has extensive experience in logistics, supply chain management, warehousing, transportation, and freight forwarding. He has also been the Chapter Chairperson of leading industry associations, Entrepreneur’s Organization (2005), and Young Presidents Organization (YPO) (2013 & 2018).

Vinay is a B.Tech graduate in Mechanical Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Chennai. He has always been passionate about solving the challenges of the Supply-chain industry and bringing in a new age of digitization to provide visibility to all the stakeholders involved in Trucking. That’s how the flagship product SmarTruck was born.


Dr. Balaraman is a dynamic data science and analytics leader with extensive experience from data ingestion to generation of insights and business value. He is a recipient of a number of corporate awards for delivering hyper-agile data science and analytics solutions. He also has broad experience cutting across Chemical process R&D, Manufacturing, IT strategy and delivery, eCommerce, Healthcare and Operation Excellence (OpEx). He is an ardent believer in knowledge management and in leveraging knowledge for "structured innovation". He is a continuous learner and educator with a passion for building teams. He obtained his B.Tech in Chemical Engineering from IIT Chennai, and a PhD in Chemical Engineering from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.


Pieter-Hala Supply Chain Services
Partnering with SmarTruck has measurably improved our service offering to our clients by at least 50% whilst concurrently improving our transport management efficiencies. Best OPEX investment with a great return in a competitive market.
Soumitra Dutta-Emami Limited
We developed a great partnership with Instavans to digitise the Primary freight transportation of Emami FMCG. SmarTruck helped us gain complete visibility & control on our Pan-India operations. Thanks to the Instavans team for adding value to our business and helping us identify gaps & inefficiencies in our existing processes.
Vivek Bansal-BMWISL
What convinced us to go with Smartruck was the convenience and ease of operation by the drivers as well as executives. Although we are in the final stages of implementing the platform, we can already see the benefits of its data analytics and opportunities in scalability. ”Smartruck is the future.”

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