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Instant Trip confirmation

Get faster confirmation with Algorithmic sourcing for both your contracted and spot movements.

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Real-time Notifications

Instant alerts to manage your loads better than ever. Integrating IoT devices, SIM-based tracking and GPS data.

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Digitized documentation using WhatsApp

Eliminate paper trail with digital documentation. Get documents instantly from driver’s WhatsApp.

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Sim Based Tracking

The hassle-free way of tracking. Enable shipment tracking with a simple consent message. Overcome reluctance of drivers to adapt technology.

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Reverse Bidding

Get access to a large pool of carriers. Find the right carrier at the right price and right time.

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Gain insights for all shipments and routes through smart dashboards.


Load Management Automation Automated GST
Contracted Carrier Management Invoice Creation
End to End Visibility Carrier Performance Reports
Real Time Notifications Dashboards
Reverse Bidding ERP Integration
POD Tracking through WhatsApp Analytics
Digital LRs Pay per Trip
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Traditional Way V/S SmarTruck Way

Traditional Way SmarTruck Way
Visibility Lack of technology with current carriers. Most of them have only plain vanilla GPS tracking. Complete visibility with real-time tracking. Along with GPS, sim based tracking is also enabled.
Route Planning Manual planning using spreadsheets - Always has scope of human error. Optimised route-planning with just one tap to find the best route.
Documentation Documents are collected manually and stored in files. It is not only time consuming but also has a chance of getting misplaced. Instant document tracking with WhatsApp integration - Straight from driver’s phone to the user platform.
High freight Numerous phone calls to get a spot truck to fulfill demand at a higher rate. Shippers get the best rates through reverse bidding for spot trucks for their preferred lanes.

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